I lead design and painted a mural at PS245 in Flatbush, Brooklyn for a whole semester through Thrive Collective. The theme was "Creators" which explores the creative convergence of artists and scientists over time with the help of a time machine. 

Funded by NYC Council Member Matthieu Eugene in spring 2019. As a school, PS 245 has embraced a STEAM educational focus (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math), so we leveraged a grant from the Cultural Immigrants Initiative to explore the creativity of scientists, artists, and innovators from around the globe. 

Some highlights:
Madam Marie Curie discovering Radium
A flying machine according to Da Vinci’s sketchbook
Mona Lisa portrayed in a child-like style
Neil Degrasse Tyson
Benjamin Franklin collaborating with a Mayan artist
The Wright’s brothers’ first flyer
The first computer
Kathrine Coleman Goble Johnson, the African-American woman NASA mathematician
Einstein collaborating with Frida Khalo
Stephen Hawking and so much more
Some work in progress shots, from classroom to the painting days. 
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