I had the honor of illustrating this map of Staten Island, to accompany an in-dept interview with RZA of the WutangClan, for the wonderful book "Nonstop Metropolis - a New York City Atlas", edited by the great Rebecca Solnit and Joshua Jelly-Schapiro , published by University of California Press. The map is also part of the "Nonstrop Metropolis : the Remix " exhibition, on view in Queens Museum since Apr 2016. It was also written in The Guardian , April 2016.
The illustrations were done as several different woodblock prints , then digitally combined together.
The map was done by wonderful cartographer Molly Roy.  Designer : Lia Tjandra
The University of California Press also wrote a lovely report on the Book launch party at Queens Museum.
At the Queens Museum in their Fall 2016 exhibition. 
The Wu-Tang Clan members reimagined as Kungfu monks. 
These are the original woodblocks: 
You can also buy the merchandises here - Tattoo stickers, tshirts , bags and more ! 
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