Meet The Band ! Part 1 of a street corner mural , with @theBushwickCollective, for @MyHubStudio at 2 Saint Nicholas ave, Brooklyn. 
Below are the band members :) 
Blue Bird on the Bass ( New York State Bird ). Can you find a Peach in their shirt ? ;) Close-up below 
Six-hand Jazz Pianist , can you find all the hands ? 
My fish in a 1970s disco outfit 
Astronaut Boom-box party ! 
Below are some street shots of the building :) It's covered with art by me and @gemma_gene and @MrBBaby @elsiethecowww , there will be more art too ! 
Work-in-progress shots below. I've never painted outside in the dead of winter in January in NYC before - Would NOT recommend ! :P 
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