"Her legacy lights the way" - Community mural commissioned by the Arts in Medicine program at the NYC health and hospital department, with the funding by Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund and the NYC Mayor’s Fund. 
I was one of the lead artists that got chosen for the project. I had a thoroughly wonderful experience ! I really enjoyed engaging with the patients, staff, and local community residents to create an integrated garden mural at the Mckinney Hospital in Crownheights, Brooklyn. 
There are two walls in total. Here is the first one: remembering Dr. Susan McKinney, the first African-American woman to earn a medical degree in New York State in 1870. 
the close-up of the Dr Susan Mckinney lighting the way in the middle :) 
Zooming out ....
Right part of the mural . The hospital grows tomatoes in the garden :) 
Here's the second wall and I had a lot of fun painting this one: celebrating the pride and joy of many cultures represented at the health facility and in the neighborhood ! 
Carnival is life here :) 
View from far away
Dominoes and music
The left side of the mural : cooking scenes 
The process started with focus group meetings, back and forth of ideas during the sketching stage...and the execution started with an exhilarating painting party ! Many patients, staff and volunteers also came during the next two weeks to enjoy the fun of painting. Installation presented some challenges at the end but overall was fun. Here are some sweet WIP photos:  
And here are some shots from the last activity: Ribbon cutting ceremony 
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