I collaborated with Chris Gomez on this “Global Gastronomy” school mural through Thrive Collective, for Walton Campus in the Bronx, NY.  The mural was a brainchild between us and the students. 
The murals highlight the culture, heritage, and diversity of immigrants in NYC, and show how they bring their diverse food traditions to the City in waves, creating a celebrated wonderland for Gastronomy. We use the metaphor of a roller coaster and soft tropical colors to add some fun into the cafeteria, and highlight the fact that most of the immigrant students have cultural heritage in warm, tropical areas of the globe.
Thanks to the generous support of NYC Council Member Fernando Cabrera, along with the NYC Departments of Cultural Affairs and Youth, the mural highlights the diverse culinary traditions of different immigrant groups represented on campus. 
Below are some work in progress shots with the wonderful students. 
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