Dragon Lion Medley , 127 Division St , Manhattan , NY , 2020
We painted a Lunar New Year celebration scene as the last Chinatown Mural Project installment of 2020.  The festive Dragon and Lion dance take the center stage.  There are audiences from all walks of life, celebrating by taking selfies, and firing Party-poppers.  In the background, you can find some iconic Chinatown establishments : Historic building PS23 ( which got destroyed in a fire in Jan, 2020 ) and the Transfiguration Church, plus restaurants like WoHop and HopKee that have been neighborhood stables for decades . 

#ChinatownMuralProject is a collaboration between activist Karlin Chan and artist Peach Tao. Together, we are installing whimsical and humorous murals that are culturally reflective to Chinatown,  that locals and visitors alike can relate to in and around the Manhattan Chinatown area. Karlin Chan secures walls with the landlords. Artist Peach Tao submits designs. Once approved we start painting on-site on agreed upon dates.

The goal :The colorful murals are brightening up the neighborhoods, creating photogenic spots in hopes of drawing people into the Chinatown area which has been hit hard by the pandemic through Art for Recovery. They also help Increasing foot traffic to help support local businesses. 
Work In Progress photos - Thanks to the wonderful team @nycthrive who generously helped us with their talents. We also took out a real Lion Head as reference ! #DrewFromlife 
That's all for 2020 ! 
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