Chinatown continues to honor @corkyleeee, a beloved Chinese American photo journalist who is missed by the community deeply. He’s been documenting Asian American ( not just East Asian ) lives and movements for decades . It was lovely to see so many people passed by recognized him , saying they miss him , and corky’s brother, partner and old friends were happy to see this too and even helped with the painting a little.

@chinatownmuralproject we included his iconic railroad photo - he gathered the descendants of Chinese railroad labors who built the transcontinental railroad in the Midwest of America hundred years ago , and took a photo in front of the trains in Utah )

All wonderful Portraits done by @minhafofa  while I created the main design and painted the rest of the mural. My partner Karlin Chan selected 3 photos representing 3 stages of Corky Lee's life. 

Location : 2 Doyer Street, New York, NY 
Work-in-progress shots below: 
We had small ceremonies to unveil this mural and remember Corky Lee 
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