The Drum Tower and Lama Temple areas are some of my favorite places in my hometown. There are thousands of little Hutongs (Beijing term for "Narrow Alleyways") which are housings, small boutiques, cafes, and -- Live music venues. Here are some of my favorite places. Beijing also has a strong tradition in Punk/Rock&Metal
Temple Bar is located on the second floor of a courtyard, mostly playing Rock/Alternative/Metal, DADA is right downstairs from Temple and hosts regular rave and dance parties with live DJs. 
Modernista old cafe and tapas bar is a cozy art deco bar that hosts live swing and jazz nights. Mao Live House is an established venue for Rock/Punk/Folk/Alternative, School bar in wudaoying alleyway is a new hub for hardcore Punk Rock .
YugongYishan is : a chinese proverb about a foolish man who wants to remove a mountain and who succeeds in it!
Now located in former beautifull courtyard of Duanqirui governement ( a warlord during the 1920s) , it's my fav. place to go to for Heavy/Black/Death Metal and Classic Rock. :)
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